About the movie


The Filmalot Foundation, Omroep Zeeland, the Zeeland film houses, the Zeeland Film Commission, Film by the Sea and the Liberation Museum Zeeland joined forces for the short film project ‘The Battle of the Scheldt’.  This historic liberation operation from 1944 is a treasure trove full of cinematic angles and stories. The battle revolved around the relief of the Western Scheldt and was a complex military operation with major consequences for the inhabitants of Zeeland and its border areas.

Filmmakers were invited to submit their film plans for a short film. Five directors were chosen from 45 national entries, who each received a budget of 10,000 euros incl. VAT to make their short film about the Battle of the Scheldt. The premieres will take place in May 2020 in the completely renovated Liberation Museum Zeeland.

“The new generation of film makers is capable of reinventing the relevance of history, with the view of now, for the viewers of now.”


Goal of the project

The aim of the project is threefold. Firstly, giving upcoming filmmakers the opportunity to develop and profile themselves. Secondly, to introduce the public to the Battle of the Scheldt in a new way. And thirdly, make an appropriate contribution to the whole of commemorations, 75 years after the liberation. In this way, the project brings talent development and education together in a new, relevant way.