“The film/story is ideally suited to work without much dialogue and to focus on the sound. A radio play with rhythmic images. Close or dramatic. Sometimes with a delay full of detail or from above with a bombast of the environment and grip of location and situation for the viewer.”



Van Soest’s dramatic and poetic film ‘The Little Pianist’ lasts 15 minutes and is set around the start of the Battle of the Scheldt in October 1944. The Germans bombarded Antwerp and the surrounding area with flying V2 bombs to stop the Allies from entering Zeeland. liberate. All this seen through the eyes of an 11-year-old musical kid from Rilland-Bath.


Van Soest (1970), born in Utrecht. Started out as a freelance illustrator, but entered the film business due to a 1999 call from the Film Fund to ‘beginning screenwriters’. He was selected as a new talent for treatment and screenplay development and was linked to Frans van Gestel (as script coach) and Roel Reine (director). They saw his talent for writing, filming and drawing and asked him to storyboard their films. Now 20 years and many great film classics later as a screenplay coach, director-ass. and storyboard artist, Van Soest was finally allowed to make his own big short film.

The Little Pianist - Trailer